Magento 2 – Mailerlite integration

After searching the web for a Magento 2 - Mailerlite integration I was unable to find one so I decided to build one myself.
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Optiweb’s first international internship a.k.a. Welcome, Vilius!

How does it feel to be a foreigner in Optiweb? Turns out, not that foreign! Vilius, who stayed with us for a few months as a part of his (and our) first international internship, explained it all very thoroughly in this blog post.
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One-day experience: a tool for exchanging knowledge

New acquaintances bring new knowledge and solutions. This is why we've started with a "One-day experience": inviting an expert from our field to be a mentor for one day, which always benefits both sides.
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Noticing a decrease in reach on Instagram? You might be a victim of shadow ban!

Are you noticing a decrease in Instagram reach? Shadow ban is a measure used by Instagram to punish all users who in any way violate their terms and agreement. Read more about how to avoid this measure.
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Case study: An increase in organic Facebook reach by 470 %

Would you like to find out how we improved one of our client's Facebook organic reach by 470% with the use of a clearly defined advertising strategy? Convince yourselves that organic reach isn't dead yet!
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Confession of our mistakes and weaknesses

Even though we like to focus on the positive aspects of our company, we know very well that not everything is perfect. What are our greatest shortcomings and how can we get rid of them?
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Case study: With Facebook remarketing to a 9000% return on investment

How did we manage to invest our client's 3-digit amount and get back 89 times more in profit? With Facebook remarketing!
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Managing product data with Pimcore

Managing product data of an e-commerce store is easier if you use PIM tools. One of them is also Pimcore, which we presented in our article.
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Achieving a strong team spirit with Wazzup meetings

The success of the company greatly lies in the connectedness of the employees. One way we achieve a strong team spirit is with our Wazzup meetings.
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Coffee with the CEO as a better alternative to performance reviews

In Optiweb, we changed our performance reviews with the "Coffee with the CEO". There we create a relaxing and positive environment and, despite the serious topic, try to maintain good relationships with everybody.
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