Tina Prezelj

Project Manager

My story

Although I always enjoyed a lot of things, I knew that I wanted to work with people. That’s why I decided to study Marketing Communications and Public Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Combined with my curiosity and motivation, the studies offered me a breadth of knowledge that I have been able to use in many situations. The online world changes daily and you have to keep up with the times. Optiweb offers me the opportunity to combine the things I love: new challenges and working with people.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

Fun facts

#1I’m motivated by any sentence that starts with “You don’t have the guts…”
#2I can drink from one to ten cups of coffee a day.

They asked me …

What are the advantages of working at Optiweb?

A young but experienced team that breathes as one. Good relations, mutual assistance in introducing new assignments, constructive criticism. Great co-workers, a bright and inspiring office space. Not to mention the fact that the kitchen is a paradise for coffeeholics, chocoholics and occasional chats.

What do you do as a project manager at Optiweb?

I’m confronted with new challenges every day and I try to successfully navigate between the client and the employees of our company. Using effective communication, I am primarily responsible for the distribution and successful performance of individual tasks.

Would you ever try Bungee Jumping?

Anytime. I’ve only ever jumped off the Solkan bridge but I definitely want to do more. The feeling of flying is incredible; you’re like a bird. I love everything connected to adrenaline: zip-line, rafting, canyoning.

How many ways can you sit in a chair without falling?

Our chairs are extremely comfortable but I’m not overreacting when I say that I know at least 16 different ways. However, working at Optiweb can be so dynamic that there are days when there isn’t even time to sit.

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