Donat AI chatbot Case study

Za našega dolgoletnega partnerja – blagovna znamka Donat podjetja Atlantic Grupa –, smo razvili naprednega chatbota, ki lahko uporabniku v trenutku postreže s podatki iz Donatovega širšega digitalnega okolja. Ponaša se z izjemno uporabniško izkušnjo in odličnimi rezultati.
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Learn how to Handle Long-running Requests with Pimcore Process Manager

Learn how to limit the number of Related, Cross-sell and Upsell products shown on the product page and in the cart of Magento 2 shops by reading our latest article and diving straight into the code of your shop.
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Need Measure Summit 2022 notes? We’re happy to share

At Optiweb, attending conferences and trainings is standard practice. But rarely does an event come along that the entire marketing team wants to take part in. Measure Summit 2022 was one such event and all marketing departments - SEO, advertising and copy - attended the talks.
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Increased Foot Traffic in Stores with Local SEO

Ranking first on Google is no longer enough, when there are so many different types of organic results that take up so much space. Draw the attention of potential customers by optimising your local pages and GMB profile for local search. With local SEO, your results will appear more frequently, they will take up half of the user’s screen and they will increase visits to your website and drive more foot traffic to your physical stores. Read on to find out how you can optimise for local search and how local SEO helps you in building your brand and company reputation.
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Case Study: A Comprehensive Strategy Opens Doors to a First-Class Digital Experience

Creating a website is one thing, but creating a new online experience, integrating it in the existing digital environment and coming up with a marketing approach that boosts a client's sales and branding ... that is really something else. And guess what: it's also at the very heart of everything we do. We strive to become a lot more than a mere outsourced online specialist, acting as a trusted digital partner for our clients, empowering their web presence and playing a vital role in their growth. Read how we combine our many talents when working with one of our key clients.
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How Can Advertisers Survive 2022?

Life can be tough for digital advertisers: things change so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the new trends, the pandemic is still shaping the online landscape and the competition is growing. How do you even survive another year as an advertiser? Worry not as Anida, our advertising team manager, has all the right answers to help you create stellar strategies and have the most successful 2022. Read all about the most important existing and upcoming trends and be prepared for the challenges ahead.
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5 Steps to Successfully Monitor a Website’s Goals

Why is it so vital to never plan a website redesign without first thinking about our business goals and the way we will measure our online success? Why doesn't basic analytics data hit the mark and how to jump on the metrics and conversions bandwagon before it's too late? In this article, Helena and Bojana show us how Benjamin Franklin's famous saying "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" is relevant in the world of digital marketing, making sure you always prepare well for your online endeavours. :)
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