Case Study: A Comprehensive Strategy Opens Doors to a First-Class Digital Experience

Creating a website is one thing, but creating a new online experience, integrating it in the existing digital environment and coming up with a marketing approach that boosts a client's sales and branding ... that is really something else. And guess what: it's also at the very heart of everything we do. We strive to become a lot more than a mere outsourced online specialist, acting as a trusted digital partner for our clients, empowering their web presence and playing a vital role in their growth. Read how we combine our many talents when working with one of our key clients.
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How Can Advertisers Survive 2022?

Life can be tough for digital advertisers: things change so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the new trends, the pandemic is still shaping the online landscape and the competition is growing. How do you even survive another year as an advertiser? Worry not as Anida, our advertising team manager, has all the right answers to help you create stellar strategies and have the most successful 2022. Read all about the most important existing and upcoming trends and be prepared for the challenges ahead.
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5 Steps to Successfully Monitor a Website’s Goals

Why is it so vital to never plan a website redesign without first thinking about our business goals and the way we will measure our online success? Why doesn't basic analytics data hit the mark and how to jump on the metrics and conversions bandwagon before it's too late? In this article, Helena and Bojana show us how Benjamin Franklin's famous saying "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" is relevant in the world of digital marketing, making sure you always prepare well for your online endeavours. :)
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Black Friday in a New Era of Online Shopping – What to Expect?

Is Black Friday still the greatest shopping holiday around or has the pandemic taken away its imporance in the ecommerce world? Is it still worth investing in a strong BM strategy to boost the overall autumn sales? Let's delve into some analytics data from the last 18 months and take a look at whether Black Friday has a future in the post-pandemic world. We'll also show you how we prepare for the autumn peak and make sure our clients win big in this shopping fever!
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Everything You Need to Know about Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are probably among the hottest SEO topics right now. They are part of the newest Google algorithm update that will prioritise page experience and thus pages that load quickly and offer a polished UI. What exactly does this mean for the current SERP rankings? What criteria do sites have to meet to have higher chances of ranking? And what exactly are Core Web Vitals? Read the article and find out!
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SEO Case Study: To the Top of Search Results with Donat

An established brand of mineral water, a skilled SEO team and an ambitious goal to help one of the best Slovene products penetrate online markets through SEO and content marketing. Sounds exciting? Read all about how we turned Donat, a natural mineral water with scientifically proven health benefits, into a SERP superstar!
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Shopware: A New Ace up our eCommerce Team’s Sleeve

After months of researching, comparing various solutions and making the first steps with our final pick, we've finally got great news to share with you: we can now offer our clients another exciting eCommerce platform! Shopware is a great choice for online sellers who want a reliable, powerful, scalable and, above all, cost-efficient web shop. Find out what makes it so great!
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The Secrets of a Good Internship: What’s a Developer’s “Boost” Like?

There’s no universal recipe for a successful internship program. At Optiweb, we’ve put it together on our own and six Let’s boost internships later, we dare to say it’s more refined than ever before. Take a look on how we take care of our interns so that they feel at home with us – and stay with us in 9 out of 10 cases.
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Our Most Popular Articles of 2020

While the corona crisis clearly stole the show in 2020, there was still a lot of interest in exciting and insightful online content on other topics! How do we know that? Because we also created it ourselves! From the hottest digital tips and tricks to glimpses of our day-to-day work (as well as fun after-work moments ;P ), we shared quite a few articles with you last year and we've now taken one last look back to tally the most popular ones.
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Optiweb Reload: 2020

From COVID-19 and cyberattacks to successfully reaching the finish line and even being joined by some amazing new people along the way - 2020 was such a roller-coaster! In this article, Miha looks back on this extraordinary year and highlights its greatest milestones.
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