I have recently read that data tells a story. I am sure many of you would agree with it. However, it depends very much on how you tell the story. I have always been hooked on data, finding patterns and making up stories out of them. One of my favorite drawing exercises as a kid was connecting the dots to create the image. I remember there was a dash of excitement in trying to gauge what the dots represented. Dot by dot, the image gets clearer and then you see if your assumptions at the start were correct. Through finding data and patterns, I ended up in academia.

The daily tasks of a PhD researcher involve collecting data, following trends, interpreting the data, connecting it into a meaningful story, and suggesting sensible application in practice. No magic, only pure facts. In the digital advertising industry, you multiply that by 10. This is how fast things change. Yet, one has to stay up-to-date. How do you do that?

It is already old news that we live in different times. The golden age of digital advertising is still on, only with many more changes than ever. Even for an academic, used to trends and data, it is sometimes hard to track it all.

The next chapter in digital advertising

At the start of 2022, I took over some new exciting responsibilities at Optiweb. They largely focus on utilizing and optimizing processes within the advertising team and upgrading the services we offer to our clients. Additionally, we put great emphasis on navigating the direction our advertising team is going in and strengthening our knowledge and confidence to stay prepared for the coming year. With even more things on your plate, where do you even start?

In the whirlwind of changes in the industry, I was thinking about what to say to my colleagues on how do we prepare ourselves for the next chapter in digital advertising, what do we focus on. The first months of the year are behind us, we have shaken off the post-holiday fatigue and are ready to kick-start the strategy for the coming months. With the pandemic still going strong, mixed and matched restrictions, cut budgets and billions of blog posts on the “future of digital advertising”, one can easily get lost. We need to make this year count, so I handpicked some of the important aspects to use as a basis in building our advertising strategy in 2022. Prepare for a joyride of inspiration (I hope). Let’s roll.

Mix and match approach