At Optiweb, attending conferences and trainings is standard practice. But rarely does an event come along that the entire marketing team wants to take part in. Measure Summit 2022 was one such event and all marketing departments – SEO, advertising and copy – attended the talks. For data geeks such as ourselves, this was an ideal opportunity to gather some new ideas on how we could upgrade our processes and services.

Usually, when we attend such conferences, we share our knowledge during our Knowledge Panel meets, but this time, we decided to also share the most important insights with our readers. Read on to find out more about the latest trends in analysing content, optimising customer journey and making the most out of your GA4 account.

Measure Summit 2022

If you’re not familiar with it,  Measure Summit is an annual 3-day virtual conference focusing on growing knowledge, skills, and business with data-driven marketing. The talks are held by experts in the field of data science and analytics, who use their skills to get insights for successful marketing campaigns. Here are the notes from the talks we found most interesting, split according to the area of expertise.

Use Data to prepare targeted content

Writing good content is no easy task, especially when copywriters need to think about optimisation and UX needs. The following talk presents a great option on how to analyse website, newsletter or social media content to get better insights into the wishes and needs of the readers.

Peep Laja: How To Measure What Matters The Most: The Words

Peep Laja is a conversion optimisation specialist and entrepreneur who gathered his experience as a software developer, marketing manager and sales expert. In his talk, he focused on how to analyse content to better understand the wishes and expectations of target customers and adapt the copy so it leads to better conversions. To establish themselves as an authority on the market, companies therefore build their brand by creating a story. They do so with either:

  • Strategic content: story they tell to the world and convinces users that the company matters (on LinkedIn, podcasts …) or
  • Tactical messaging: high stakes content on the website, in ads or on social media that persuades users to visit the site and take action.

But to know if the story is attracting the target customers and convincing them to buy, marketers need to conduct a qualitative research and survey at least 15 of their potential customers (not existing clients!). To gather the information, they can use specialised tools like Wynter or Facebook and LinkedIn groups. In the survey, they need to ask the potential customers likert-scale questions on 5 components of effective messaging.

Those 5 components are:

  1. Clarity: do customers understand everything that is written or are some aspects unclear?
  2. Relevance: does the message align with their current priorities and challenges?
  3. Value: do the customers want the product/services and does it offer them value?
  4. Differentiation: why is this product/service better than that of the competition?
  5. Brand: Is the company coming across the way it wants to?

What their research on 40K landing pages discovered? Copy is twice as influential as design in why visitors convert!