Maja Petek

SEO and Content Marketing Strategist

My story

After studying translation and English literature abroad for many years, I returned to my hometown and focused solely on translation projects. However, simply translating websites wasn’t enough of a challenge for me, which is why I delved into SEO and learned to also translate optimised texts. From that point onwards, my interest in SEO grew with each day and eventually became my number one passion. Longing for new challenges, I therefore joined Optiweb, where I became a member of the SEO team. In this position, I can truly put all my skills and knowledge to use (if only I could also find a way to incorporate Shakespeare’s sonnets into my work ;).

Reaching a set goal is a great achievement. Stopping at it is not.

Fun facts

#1I’ve written two books already. Both are safely hidden so no one can accidentally read them. ;)
#2I love martial arts.

They asked me …

What has brought you to Optiweb?

A desire for new challenges and opportunities in the field of digital marketing. At the same time, the destination of my workplace now allows me to discover parts of Gorenjska I’ve rarely visited before.

What is your greatest fear?


What invention are you looking forward to?

A teleporting machine.

What helps you to get out of bed in the morning?

My adorable puppy that has no snooze button.

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