Jaka Dremelj

Chief Operations & Development Officer

My story

I travelled almost all of Europe, dabbled in computer science studies, switched to finance studies, went on an Erasmus Exchange in Germany and got a job the very first day after completing my studies in a completely new field for me.
I ‘ve always been interested in computers because the field is so dynamic. Technology is progressing at an incredible pace and the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

Fun facts

#1I love tennis!
#2I successfully dug an SUV out of a dune at 44 °C.

They asked me …

What’s the most important thing in business today?

Expert knowledge has become a function of time, will and desire because everything is available online (mostly free or very cheap). I believe that soft skills, such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity and focus, are becoming increasingly important.

How did you find out about Optiweb?

I had heard about Optiweb before coming here because it had been featured as a successful and fast-growing company in a local environment. I become very interested, however, when I was browsing through the educational content on YouTube and found a speech by our CEO Miha. I was so impressed by it that I took a closer look at the website.

What’s the most unreal thing in the world?

Nadal’s forehand. Unreal, simply unreal.

What do you when you have an hour of free time?

I spend time with my family, take a walk on the local hill, ride my bike or play a game of tennis. I also like to read educational articles and watch educational videos.

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