Klavdija Šernek

People, Culture & Marketing Project Manager

My story

So, how did I join the Optiweb crowd? Well, it was a pure stroke of luck. I have many interests, which is why I first applied for a job posting at Optiweb that wasn’t really related to my field of expertise. However, when checking my CV, the recruiter, who is now my closest coworker, noticed that I was actually a psychology student and asked me whether I would be willing to join Optiweb’s HR department. I was over the moon about the fact that I would be able to follow one of my biggest passions, human resource management. Since then, I’ve been facing numerous HR challenges, constantly growing and developing my skills. Everything happens for a reason. :)

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Fun facts

#1During my student years, I spend a lot of time above the clouds. As a stewardess. :)
#2I spend my afternoons working as a dance teacher.

They asked me …

Why psychology studies?

Because I’ve always wanted to know how people function. Of course, studying psychology doesn’t give you a straight answer to this question, but if you put even a little bit of psychological theory into practice and use your knowledge in everyday life, you can change quite a lot. Hint: start with yourself. :)

Any recent holiday destinations that have really inspired you?

Dubai! The mysterious and idyllic desert landscapes that mix with the luxury architecture peppered with the oriental charm. I will definitely return one day!

Favourite time of the year?

I am a true fan of all seasons. I can find joy in the magical winter idylls, the blossoming spring, beautiful summer sunsets or late autumn walks. However, for me, there’s nothing quite like Christmas time. Snow, meeting with friends and relatives, holiday cookies and Christmas lights, good food, magic all around and open hearts. This is the time of the year when everything is possible. Couldn’t be better! :)

Does Optiweb's image on Social network really match the real picture?

Yes. We really have beautiful offices, a spacious kitchen, almost limitless amounts of coffee and snacks, but all this fades in comparison to the energy we share as a team. The energy that one can see in the pictures or the videos on the social media platforms is real and you can feel it when you come for a visit.

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