Peter Paravinja

Lead Developer

My story

I’m actually a pharmacist by profession – but didn’t like the actual work, so I decided to switch things up. That’s how I ended up at an internship at Optiweb where I really wanted to learn every single thing. I guess I showed some promise since I’m still here learning new things every day.

Haste makes Waste.

Fun facts

#1I love new adventures!
#2I'm pretty shy.

They asked me …

Free time activities

Trail running, mountaineering and game development.

Why did you join Optiweb?

I’ve had 3 previous jobs that I really didn’t enjoy and wanted to find somewhere where I really loved coming to work to – that’s how I found Optiweb.

Where would you like to travel to?

I’d combine Australia and New Zealand and make it one big adventure :)

Favourite dish?

Sea food or pizza.

Let’s start a project