Polona Braniselj

Creative Content Strategist

My story

I’m a person who needs constant movement mentally and physically. I’m happiest when my story involves as many elements as possible; e.g. my bike, coffee, Wes Anderson, mountains, music, beer, backpack, grigri, skis, sneakers, Murakami and a map especially when they all happen somewhere in nature.

Since I can’t stand still, my path led me from graphic design to sales, where I realized I also liked the taste of content and digital marketing and I somehow found myself in Optiweb where all my favourite fields perfectly intertwine.

Laughter is a sign of freedom, the beginning of laughter a sign of the end of fear.

Fun facts

#1I still buy CDs of the bands I like, even though I barely listen to them. One example would be Pearl Jam, which I still remember listening in the time of walkmans.
#2I don’t believe in excuses due to weather. Weather always is.

They asked me …

What do you squeeze into 30 minutes of your free time?

I plan my weekend adventures, update the list of books I want to read or I play with my playlists on YouTube.

What is your family’s favourite anecdote from your childhood?

When I was little, my grandma forbade me from picking the unripe fruit from the nearby pear tree. I of course obeyed her – I didn’t pick the fruit but I ate the edible part and let the rest stay on the tree.

What is your favourite breakfast?

Oatmeal! You can make a million and one tasty meal with it.

How would your friends describe you?

As being good at organizing my free time, since my Instagram always looks like I’m somewhere on vacation.

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