Gašper Repina


My story

A sports freak that enjoys life. Sports, the sea and good company is all I need –  and a lot of sun in the mountains.  I’m loud, very noticeable, extremely direct and have too much energy. I was a national champion in cross-training, taekwondo and reciting poetry and I also wrote the best fantasy essays in my school. I enjoy working in sales and marketing each and every day. Here is where I’m faced with many challenges and this is who I am. I’m a proud uncle of two nephews and the day is never long enough for me.

Live your life, don’t spend it.

Fun facts

#1I drove to the semi-finals of the Champions league between Bayern and Real in Munich, without a ticket or a plan, and managed to get into the VIP stand and get a club blanket and a beer – using only my ingenuity.
#2I hate silence. Whenever I’m alone and everything around me is quiet, I become restless and quickly find myself some company.

They asked me …

What fascinates you the most in Optiweb?

That the CEO doesn’t have his own office.

How does your perfect holiday look like?

Relaxing on a sail boat and enjoying the sea, the wind and sea food in good company. And maybe going on a Barcelona football match somewhere in between. :)

What is your biggest motivation in life?

Successful people, challenges, and figuring out how to achieve something that seems impossible in the given moment.

If you were an actor, who would you be?

Steve Carell, Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey.

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