Social networks are known for their constant algorithm change, with the goal of offering the best possible user experience. It’s no wonder that LinkedIn also decided to update their algorithm. The posts and manoeuvres that worked six months ago are now losing – or have completely lost – their power. How do you build up a successful LinkedIn profile and which rules of communication should we abide according to the new algorithm? Find out below ;)

LinkedIn Communication 101

For starters, just a couple of words about this increasingly important channel in the world of business. What can we even achieve with our LinkedIn profile? We shouldn’t ignore the fact that our profile is at the top of Google search results when someone Googles our name. A well-structured profile presents us to our followers as a more credible and trustworthy figure, it helps us build our pool of contacts and helps us find potential customers and partners. Additional benefits can also be found in monitoring our competition and the industry we work in and, last but not least, our profile can even help us in acquiring potential customers.