Tilen Habjan

Magento Developer

My story

I’ve been interested in computer science ever since I was a child. After primary school, I went to the Vocational Secondary School at the Kranj School Centre. I am currently finishing my information technology studies. During my studies, I became increasingly interested in web programming.
While browsing the web, I found the Optiweb website and applied for the programmer position. Now, I spend my days expanding and improving my knowledge on various projects.

Live and let live.

Fun facts

#1During the winter, I drink more tea than beer.
#2I have seven computers at home.

They asked me …

What does an average morning at Optiweb look like?

An empty parking lot, a cup of coffee and the smiling faces of my co‑workers guarantee a pleasant morning every day.

What do you do as programmer at Optiweb?

I create and edit websites in WordPress and, in doing so, continually expand my knowledge. I occasionally make coffee.

What’s your favourite movie/TV show?

I love thrillers, I instantly get hooked. I also like comedies that have me laughing my head off.

What’s your earliest computer-related memory?

Tetris on the MS-DOS operating system and then Duke Nukem 3D.

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