Nowadays, managing a Facebook profile for our company can be a real piece of cake. If we know exactly what to ask uncle Google, 10 minutes is more than enough to get answers on how to manage our profile, upload our content and connect with our followers, buyers or merely virtual passerby. We can even get enough information on basic advertising.

However, a Facebook post isn’t merely an uploaded photograph or video. It is a message to everyone who sees it. And that message needs to be effective, from the first to the last letter, if we wish to evoke some kind of response and not merely get lost in one of the numerous posts out there.

The main part of a post, which puts our visual material into a meaningful context, is the content. With it, we can direct the reader’s perspective (e.g. by explaining the context of the photo) and can even encourage them to perform a certain action (e.g. read an article, buy a product, state their opinion), so writing a piece of content cannot be taken too lightly.

Many of you might claim that a knack for writing is something you either “have or don’t have”. However, even though we weren’t all meant to become the next Shakespeare, it doesn’t mean that our posts should be missing a good strategy.

So how to get started on writing Facebook ad copies that will effectively present your company?

1. Take your time

The biggest mistake you can make when writing a Facebook post is to rush it. I can say that from experience. :) When you’re in a rush, you get sloppy, which can – in best case scenario – result in a missing comma or – in the worst case scenario – in an avalanche of negative comments and a loss of followers. Take your time and think about what you want to convey and how best to do that. Check all the information in your post and scrutinize it as much as possible.

2. Know your audience: Who are you addressing and what’s their problem?

Just think about how you select different services and products for different target groups – now all you need to do is tailor the manner with which you present those products on your social media. While writing the copy, you should always keep in mind the client you wish to influence with that particular post and the problem you’re trying to solve for them.