Neža Renko

Creative Content Strategist

My story

My whole life, I’ve been drawn to different areas. As a girl, I was captivated by coloured pencils and watercolours. Those were later joined by photography and psychology and, of course, graphic design, which became the focus of my studies. Writing has always been a part of me but it hadn’t truly blossomed until I came into contact with online marketing.
Each of these things excited me and I couldn’t bring myself to choose one. That’s how I ended up at Optiweb where I can finally use most of them.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

Fun facts

#1I created my own cartoon and drew 1500 different pictures for it.
#2I spent three months in Indochina and explored the entire peninsula.

They asked me …

What upsets you most in your work?

Noticing a typo after everything had been posted (and possibly boosted). Uh!

What makes your days at Optiweb better?

All the beautiful, understanding and honest people that work here. Their (sometimes inopportune) comments, smiling faces and inexhaustible ideas. And of course, the amazing view of Škofja Loka. It wouldn’t be the same without it! :)

What’s the most beautiful part of Slovenia?

There’s an elongated ridge under the Stol mountain, called Reber. On a sunny autumn day (especially on a Sunday) when the leaves are sparkling in a wealth of colours, its pastures are simply breath-taking. They make you want to run forever just to feel them and experience them. It’s truly one of my favourite places in the world.

What’s the best thing you can still get for no more than €5?

Crosswords, a watermelon and two hours of parking in Tivoli. Talk about a picnic!

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