Managing a community on social media is anything but a piece of cake. There’s always so much to do, from answering the same old question for the thirtieth time to coordinating plans with the sales team and tracking the competition, not to even mention preparing unique weekly posts.

Tackling so many challenges while constantly looking for new ideas is a shortcut to losing control over the profiles you’ve been working so hard on. Unfortunately, the drop in performance is almost inevitable in such cases as inconsistency in your posts leads to lower engagement, consequently limiting your reach and ultimately resulting in lower sales.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: you need to get organised!

Organising the content creation process will benefit you as the author of the posts as well as those following your channel. Learn more about which steps and tools – and we speak from experience – can help you reach this goal.

Establish a (morning) routine

Just like you’ve established a morning routine, making sure you don’t arrive to work with your hair all messed up and in your pajamas, you can establish a digital routine, making sure to tick all the boxes on your to-do list.

For example: upon arriving to work, first check the FB page. Answer all the questions in your inbox, respond to the comments and invite people to follow you; You can do the same with Instagram and any other channels you also manage.