Miha Lavtar


My story

I built my first website at the end of primary school. I rebuilt it at least five times and, in doing so, gained experience in coding and search engine optimisation. I honed my skills in a company that was at the forefront of the field but I soon found myself in need of new challenges. After selling a domain for €2000, I left my job and started my own company at the age of 19. I feel in love with entrepreneurship, which soon turned into a lifestyle.

Stagnation of a company and/or personality is what buries it. In business, you have to fight each day, discover new paths and, of course, take them.

Fun facts

#1I visit hairdresser once a week to get my haircut and beard done :D
#2Beer and metal music are two things that relax me the most

They asked me …

What do you find most important when communicating with potential clients?

Honesty and simple facts instead of beating around the bush. I use practical knowledge to try and persuade the client that we’re a great team and can do practically anything. And if we can’t, I know how to say no. In that case, I recommend them a company that knows how to do what’s required and has the necessary experience.

How do you take care of your employees at Optiweb?

I always give them a possibility to be heard. I listen to individuals wish, opinion or critics and put it in reality if it is constructive. I do care about their feelings and I am aware that by giving them feeling of belonging they will give it back with respect and productivity.

What’s the most stupid thing that has happened to you at the office?

Anybody who knows me, knows that I sometimes have difficulty staying awake during the day. One afternoon, I couldn’t resist so I took a 10-minute nap at my desk. I had a nightmare and when I woke up, I suddenly jumped up for some reason. It turned out that my right ankle fell asleep with me. When I got up, it couldn’t withstand the weight and I twisted it. It was swollen for quite a while.

Give us some tips that help you to achieve more.
  • Start your day early in morning (I normally wake up at 5.00 AM)
  • Listen to podcasts when you are hiking, driving etc.
  • Use Linkedin to remember where and when you met someone (send them a note about it)
  • Use Keep or some other tool to make notes
  • Unfollow people and pages who doesn’t provide you added value (for example on Facebook and Linkedin)
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