After two months of working from home due to quarantine, we invited our employees to take part in a survey on the current situation regarding remote work. Are we doing just fine or are there any problems we don’t even know about? What’s with the morale? How do people feel, what problems are they facing? At Optiweb, we’ve always paid special attention to our employees and despite being forced to work remotely, this hasn’t changed. Quite on the contrary, the team are an even greater priority of ours! We’ve been apart for two months and some big changes were needed to make things work. This article describes the general state of our team (and how we feel) and we expect after the epidemic. At the end, you’ll also find a guidebook on remote work that might help you boost your productivity or even make your team more effective.

Never has communication been more crucial

Our employees believe that they have all the information they need for remote work, knowing exactly who to turn to if they need any information. They receive enough feedback from their team leads to stay the course while their managers often contact them simply to ask them how they are doing, adding value to their relationship. This way, one feels they mean something to the company. This has enabled us to keep building trust and bonding with coworkers despite the situation. The employees also believe that the management responded to the crisis properly and in time, which makes us proud.