Increasing organic reach and level of engagement on Facebook

Is the decrease in the reach of posts of your business page starting to worry you? In our blog post, we present a couple of ways that will help you increase organic reach and the level of engagement – for free.
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Our goals for the year 2017

Our year 2016 was incredible. For the year 2017 we have higher goals. We believe that we realize it.
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How to design a style guide for websites

To make the work of designers and developers easier, it's wise to keep all the rules that determine the key elements of the website in one place - we're talking about the style guide for the visualisation of the website.
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Optiweb meets Inchoo – visiting role models

Part of our team is off to Croatia to explore Inchoo's new business offices and to view their work processes. Inchoo are one of the leading experts in the field of Magento ecommerce programming.
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Millennials in the workplace – different times, different people, a new set of rules

Many of those belonging to the so-called Millennial generation (aged somewhere between 18 and 34 years) are looking for a job in the workplace, where the emphasis is on intellectual tasks which, due to rapid technological advances, represent a challenge. For some time now, money is no longer the main criterion when choosing one's employer. It is much more important that the employee feels that his or her contribution to the company is an important part of the company’s success story.
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How SEO and CRO go along?

Have you ever wondered how SEO and CRO go along? Wonder no more. Find out how to combine Conversion Rate Optimization and Search Engine Optimization perfectly.
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How to tame Facebook’s algorithm and reach more people with your posts?

In our article, we present how understanding the workings of Facebook's newsfeed makes it easier to reach a larger amount of people and why, in some cases, it is better to opt for sponsored posts in order to reach more people.
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How to add single or multiple products to Magento cart from external page?

Landing page for Predator EKWB is a nice pre-sales page, but not built on Magento (Wordpress is so much nicer for these things :)) How to connect external page ( to Magento?
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How to add Order in Multiple Quantities of X support to Magento 1.9

Magento built-in Qty Increments is a nice set of functionality. It forces user to buy specific product in defined Quantities of X. The problem is that it can only be set globally. How to change this?
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Should we really say goodbye to Magento 1.9 and welcome Magento 2.0?

With latest improvements Magento 1.9 branch is up to a task to create multi-language and multi-currency platform. Why say goodbye now?
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