I believe that the team is the heart of the company – like the human heart in a body, the team pumps up the blood in the veins of the company. The team should therefore work for a common good and feel the same team spirit. We’ve managed to achieve just that. How?

If I had to pick one activity or event that lets us stay connected, my first thought would be our Wazzup meetings. We carry them out every Friday at 3 p.m., when our heads are already daydreaming about the weekend and when the beer in the fridge is practically begging us to drink it.

Even though the word “Wazzup” is usually used when asking a person about their state and wellbeing, we’ve managed to take it one step further.

This is the time when all employees who are in the office gather in one place and we always keep a record for all those who may be missing. My colleagues and I prepare the agenda for that day, which is placed on the board, where everyone can see the topics for discussion. The agenda also puts a time frame on the topics so that the meeting doesn’t last too long. Every employee tries to find the best seat on our couch and our Wazzup can begin!

At this point I would also like to thank my team for their discipline and for always showing up on time. You rock!