After searching the web for a Magento 2 – Mailerlite integration I was unable to find one so I decided to build one myself.

It allows basic integration functionalities with Mailerlite; adding and removing subscribers and also subscribing to different mailing lists according to user’s language (per store view). That allows you to send your newsletter in several languages.

It’s a very simple extension that is fired everytime a subscriber’s data is changed which happens when:

  • a user subscribes to newsletter using a form
  • a user unsubscribes from newsletter through their account dashboard
  • an administrator adds/removes subscribers using the admin panel
  • a user selects ‘Subscribe me to newsletter’ during checkout

You can find the extension source code on our public Bitbucket repository on

Aleš Cankar

Web Developer

I met the world of WordPress programming as a self-thought freelancer and later, at Optiweb, I further upgraded my knowledge and I soon faced my role as a Magento frontend developer.

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