Aleš Cankar

Web Developer

My story

Computer science has always been my passion. I graduated from the Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and I’m now continuing my studies at the Faculty of Organisational Science: Organisation and Management of Information Systems.
At Optiweb, I found my place as a programmer. I love my job because I get to solve various problems that arise in the creation of websites.

Whoever digs a pit for others, must be hungry.

Fun facts

#1Linux enthusiast
#2An amateur actor.

They asked me …

What do you love most at Optiweb?

Practically everything. Great co-workers, excellent working environment, delicious coffee, new projects, new challenges and Friday meetings.

What upsets you the most in your work?

It’s not really related to my work but overcrowded parking lot.

What’s your favourite ice-cream?

Peach ice-cream and stracciatella but never together.

What’s your favourite show?

Probably The Office. I watched all nine seasons several times and I always laughed my head off. It’s also great because it comically and (almost) realistically represents working in an office.

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