Patricia Platiša

Digital Marketing Strategist

My story

My story is somewhat unusual. I studied at the department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies at the Faculty of Arts. I wanted to add new dimensions to the interesting world of books, fairy tale hours and reading researches.
I saw on Facebook that Optiweb was offering training for an online marketing job. I had become increasingly interested in the field so I applied, stepped out of my comfort zone and ventured into the unknown.

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

Fun facts

#1A sports enthusiast.
#2Organised and precise; almost a perfectionist.

They asked me …

What’s the biggest challenge you came across at Optiweb?

Definitely the beginning, which was extremely difficult. Absorbing a wealth of information, procedures and everything that goes with it in a couple of days is very challenging. But it gets easier each day and it pays to persevere.

What are the advantages of working at Optiweb?

I learn something new every day: new secrets in the field of content marketing, web analysis, interesting expansions and tools. Supposedly, I’m on my way to becoming a tech geek. I also love that we’re a young and fun team working in a great location and with a cupboard full of candies. I also have to mention our snack breaks that are always filled with coffee and laughter.

Which song best describes you?

“I Lived” by One Republic. It’s about how we should always enjoy life to the fullest, travel to all the places we want to visit (I already have two big trips planned for this year), try as many new and unknown things as possible, and embrace new challenges, even if we sometimes fail. The important thing is that, in the end, we can say: “With every broken bone, I swear I lived.”

How many ways can you sit in a chair without falling?

At least five or six. I find it hard to sit properly all the time. That’s why I “invented” quite a few poses that I especially use at home. My legs often find themselves on other chairs or serve as a head rest.

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