Do you also get the chills when you hear the words “annual performance review”?

The most frequent associations the employees get are probably “mistakes”, “lowering or raising salary”, “fear”, “insecurity” and so on. Pretty negative, right?

What is the meaning of a performance review? If the goal is to talk about what is done wrong, the first mistake would be just that. I’ve always believed that mistakes should be corrected along the way and that we should try and improve all year around, not only when it’s already too late. That is why Optiweb has rearranged and changed the system: we’ve added agility, which is one of the most important attributes of our company, to our performance reviews and changed them into “coffee with the CEO”.

The goal isn’t just professional but also personal growth

Every employee already receives regular feedback from the side of the coworkers and team leads throughout the year. With this, we try to solve all our problems as we go along instead of making a pile and waiting for the performance review. At the before mentioned coffee (which is usually a lunch date :)) we can therefore talk about the overall impression of the company, me as a CEO and of course the interviewee himself/herself. The discussion ends with personal goals, plans about the summer and other relaxing topics.