How we helped a Slovenian retailer centralize its data from over 200 suppliers in one system

Problems with a huge amount of data, various suppliers and a complicated and tiresome data management in your e-commerce shop. Sounds familiar? Find out how we centralized all our client's product data in a custom platform based on Pimcore, which now ensures quick and efficient collaboration with the suppliers.
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Case Study: Reaching a 150% Increase in Online Sales After the Implementation of Pimcore

In 2017, we developed Intersport ISI's online shop for their new markets and implemented the platform Pimcore, which makes managing their data a lot simpler. Keen to know what the platform contains and which results we can present after these two years? Find out in our case study!
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How to Programmatically limit Related, Cross-sell and Upsell Products in Magento 2

Learn how to limit the number of Related, Cross-sell and Upsell products shown on the product page and in the cart of Magento 2 shops by reading our latest article and diving straight into the code of your shop.
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Install and Configure (Nginx) PageSpeed Module for Better Performance

Discovering new ways of improving the load speed of our websites and online stores is constantly a part of our TO-DO list. Even though we've written quite a few articles on this subject already, we decided to present the installation and configuration of the Google PageSpeed module. Interested? Then keep on reading ...
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How to Implement Google Optimize with Google Tag Manager

Looking for ways to increase conversions in your online store? Then look no further than Google Optimize with its A/B testing! How can you implement it? Simple, with Google Tag Manager. Learn more about the implementation process in our article.
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With new offices to even greater projects!

Since our numbers are growing faster than ever, moving into bigger (and better) offices was inevitable. What is the final outcome of our biggest project of the year? Check our latest blog post to find out!
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Implementation of Pimcore Platform for One of The Leading Providers of PC Components

We’re excited to announce the completion of our biggest project to date! We partnered up with Corsair, one of the leading companies in the world of PC components, and designed a unique Pimcore-based configurator to suit their needs. How will Pimcore help achieve their business goals? Find out in our article.
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8 Tricks for Higher Organic Reach of Your LinkedIn Profile

Algorithm changes are common practice in the world of social media. What does the new LinkedIn algorithm dictate for all personal profiles? Read the 8 tips that will help you improve your LinkedIn communication and take your profile to the next level.
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5 Key Advantages of Implementing PIM in Your Business

Ever wondered how you could take your online shop to the next level? Try PIM; a product information management software that can benefit your business and increase your sales. We are revealing 5 key advantages in our latest infographic.
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What Is Product Information Management (PIM) and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Every owner of an online shop knows how many processes and data run in the background. Imagine owning a PIM software that lets you classify, enrich and translate all your data and collect it from different sources while offering countless other useful functionalities. Read all about Pimcore and Akeneo in our blog post.
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