Neja Gračner

Project Manager

My story

My path of education led me from reading biology books to marketing studies. I had known Optiweb for quite some time before joining it as a Let’s Boost trainee. I quickly gained more knowledge than I’d ever expected. Working as a WordPress developer means that I work alongside curious individuals bursting with ideas. I am proud to have already become “one of the guys”.

Destiny's okay, but why count on destiny if you can make things happen yourself.

Fun facts

#1I first came into contact with programming when I had to take a Let's boost apprenticeship test.
#2When I was little, I got lost in the crowd during a carnival, having hated carnival events ever since (however, I do love doughnuts that are usually eaten during this time!)

They asked me …

Biggest fear?


Why Optiweb?

I’ve always wanted more than just a regular job. And Optiweb is anything but just a regular job. It’s an incredible group of individuals that, of which everyone brings their unique knowledge and experience to the table. We help each other out, grow together and face challenges as a group. And the fact that we enjoy all this makes things even better.

The best and worst feeling at the same time?

Finding the missing </div>.

If I didn't work as a developer, I would become ...

A real estate agent.

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