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TikTok: The app everyone is talking about

For a while now, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube have been among the most popular social networking apps. Now, we have a new player in town; the TikTok app. What can this platform offer us and what advertising options does it present? Find out in the article!

Redesigning Optiweb’s logo

Redesigning the company’s logo is no piece of cake – especially if it’s the company you work in and are therefore personally involved. Find out more about what the redesign process looked like and why we decided to give our logo a fresh look in the first place.

2018 recap: baby boom and a change of processes

This year, everything went according to plan – just the way we’ve planned at the beginning of the year. We’ve achieved all our goals and made no mistakes along the way. … You almost bought that, huh? :D In my article, you can read more about what happened in 2018, what were our highlights and what are our goals for 2019.

8 tools for finding long-tail keywords

Are you falling behind your competiton but don’t know how to optimize your website with the right keywords that will bring quality traffic to your site? Then take a look at our article and find the answers!

Which Black Friday promotion is right for your business?

The goal of Black Friday campaigns is to increase online and physical sales to the point where retailers still make a profit while offering incredible discounts and offers. Which campaigns had the best results for our clients? Find the 3 most successful ones in our latest blog post.

7 UX features for a better product page

During the process of designing your web shop, it’s always important which pieces of information you decide to include and where you decide to put them. In our article, find out which are the 7 graphic design tips that will make your product page even more sales-oriented and user friendly.

First impressions from our Let’s Boost internship

At Optiweb, we don’t like doing things the usual way, so we came up with a special internship for young prospective students. What did Katja and Tjaša, our first generation of Let’s Boost interns, had to say about their experience here? Read all about it in our interview.

5 milestones: my road to 40 employees

Our path towards success was anything but easy. All milestones that generated growth were based on establishing strong trust in my coworkers and on shifting responsibility – two terms, which seemed like science fiction when I first started out but which are now indispensable to me.

7 rules for an effective Facebook communication

A good copy is the main part of almost every Facebook post and a strong tool for influencing your reader. How to achieve the desired effect and, at the same time, successfully communicate your vision? Easy – with only 7 simple rules.

Coffee with the CEO – Part 2

Last year, I wrote an article on how I keep informal yearly meetings with my employees, called “Coffee with the CEO”. This year, I’m sharing the second part of the questionnaire, which is used on all meetings after the first one. Hope it serves you well!