Without a vision, a wish to create some added value and especially without the constant wish for progress, I would never have entered on my entrepreneurial path at the age of 19.

From the very beginning, my ultimate goal was to have a company with a pleasant atmosphere, where my employees would be happy – I soon found out that good conditions also bring top notch results and, consequently, satisfied clients.

Despite everything, the start of our climb uphill was far from easy.

We’ve learned a lot from our mistakes and from testing different practices. However, the hardest steps I had to take at the very beginning of our growth were steps that weren’t noticeable on the outside: my internal changes. Namely, all milestones that generated growth were based on establishing strong trust in my coworkers and on shifting responsibility – two terms, which seemed like science fiction when I first started out but which are now indispensable to me.

So what changes are we talking about? Why? When? How?

Let’s take it one at a time. :) If I’ve learned anything in my years as an entrepreneur, it’s patience. Nothing worth having comes overnight.

Entrepreneurship is like riding a roller coaster or raising a child

The growth of a company is like a roller coaster.

First, you need to get up the courage to even go on the ride. Then comes the strenuous – and especially slow – climb, when it seems like you’re not really getting anywhere. When you then reach a certain height, you hit the turbulent road of progress, full of ups and downs, of summersaults and wind in your hair.
All this time, you need to trust that you’ll come out of it alive (though I have to admit that I had my doubts), with a new experience and with the whole crew on the roller coaster intact.

And what is the final destination of this ride? A successful, independent company that knows its potentials and, at the same time, its weaknesses, which are no longer a burden but a driving force and a reason to continue to grow.