Until recently, Black Friday was just a day that stood for the crash of the American stock market. For the last few years, European businesses have started to take on this trend and switched to highly promotional campaigns with a lot of discounts. Marketing campaigns like these result in attracting more and more customers to the web and into physical shops. And how did our clients benefit from Black Friday promotions?

In their marketing campaigns, they offered many different options to their customers. By analysing ROI, the next 3 options turned out to be the most successful:

1. Shipping is on us!

Our client wanted a special offer without decreasing the value of its products. The idea about free shipping wasn’t just a random decision. By analysing their purchasing funnel we soon found out that visitors abandon the website after adding products to cart. This is also the step where the final amount of purchase is displayed after adding shipping costs. Free shipping therefore triggered a purchase which was amplified with Facebook and Instagram advertising.