This year, everything went according to plan – just the way we’ve planned at the beginning of the year! We’ve achieved all our goals and made no mistakes along the way!

Aaaaand … now let’s get back to reality! Hope you didn’t actually buy all that? :) The year 2018 was filled with numerous new challenges (difficult and easy ones), new knowledge, a lot of awesome new employees and clients and, all in all, I can say our skin is now thicker than ever before – which is of course more than necessary in the business world.

If I had to highlight the greatest thing that marked this year, I would have to say it’s all our new families. Our newborns. 7 of our team members became parents and, naturally, a lot has changed. However, it changed for the better. We hired Ana, who did an amazing job filling in for Tjaša, so the latter could dedicate herself completely to her little Lara. After years and years of begging Janez to stop working in the afternoons, it was his first newborn, Aljaž, who finally managed to convince him. And I could go on and on. Our little bundles of joy often visit us at work and they make sure they always leave us smiling. Optimoms and dads, you rock! :)