Ana Jezerc


My story

I started working in Optiweb by a fortunate turn of events. Despite studying law, I’m most drawn to the fields of management, psychology and economy – and they all wonderfully intertwine in this line of work. I love handling several things at once, while making sure everything’s done properly. I want to acquire as much experience, knowledge and new ideas as possible, because I’m a firm believer that life is all about learning new things, which is why I’m so drawn to the world of technology.

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

Fun facts

#1I live in a restaurant. ;) No joke.
#2I wish we could live without sleep.

They asked me …

What bores you?

Absolutely nothing! :) I never run out of ideas of what to do and even when I’m physically still, my brains are working at full speed.

What is your weakness?

Animals. Whenever I find an animal in bad condition, I always take them in until I can find them a new home.

What is the funniest thing you can think of right now?

When my 1-year-old nephew managed to empty the entire nail polish in two minutes by applying it to everything but nails. :)

What is your favourite pastime?

I love sports, especially yoga and climbing. Whenever I have time, I also like to go to the mountains with my dog.

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