As if Optiweb’s 10th anniversary in April wasn’t enough, we decided this was a good month to move into our new offices. Our decision to throw a party and invite everyone was therefore a simple one.

Of course, as expected with every renovation, ours also ran a liiiiitle late – the date was moved about 5 times before settling on 13th April. The last afternoon before the big event we of course had a little mishap, which we were still solving the next day. With all the complications, we were wondering if we were ever going to make it … But we did! At (almost :)) the agreed hour we were ready to greet our first visitors.

Because we wanted to offer them more than just a pleasant hang out, we decided to prepare 10 activities. With them, we took them from the very beginnings of Optiweb all the way up to our goals for the future. In the meantime, they got to know our services and employees and got to try out a few activities. So, which ones were the biggest success?