Tina Šmon

UX and UI Designer

My story

Already during my college years, I started working in graphic design for a marketing team, where I spent a couple of years. After a rash decision, I signed for a short front-end programming course, which got me hooked on the digital world. I still can’t believe that I found a job that truly excites and inspires me. Isn’t that only possible in movies? Well, I crossed paths with Optiweb a while ago and now I became a part of its team, where I continue to be delighted with the digital world.

A bit cheesy, but “Always look on the bright side of life”.

Fun facts

#1Before studying graphic design, I spent 3 years studying philosophy and the Czech language.
#2I lost my last milk tooth when I was 25.

They asked me …

Why did you choose Optiweb?

Because of the support, the amazing opportunity for personal development and the pleasant, warm energy. And of course because of the smiling coworkers and the interesting projects.

Why are you an indispensable part of Optiweb's team?

Because I’m very interested in user-centered design and I will always be set on designing websites that put the user first – after all, a happy user makes for a happy client. :)

Why mustn't you ever give up?

Even if you don’t succeed, you can be proud of yourself for giving it your best. And if you do succeed – high five! In any case, there’s always ice cream waiting for you at the end ;)

What would you do if you weren't a designer?

I’m very interested in the cognitive science, AI and psychology. If I continued to study philosophy, you would definitely find me in those fields. And if I were to dive outside of scientific fields, I would probably be working at a florist, in a pastry shop or in a woodworking shop.

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