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Shopware: A New Ace up our eCommerce Team’s Sleeve

After months of researching, comparing various solutions and making the first steps with our final pick, we’ve finally got great news to share with you: we can now offer our clients another exciting eCommerce platform! Shopware is a great choice for online sellers who want a reliable, powerful, scalable and, above all, cost-efficient web shop. Find out what makes it so great!

The Secrets of a Good Internship: What’s a Developer’s “Boost” Like?

There’s no universal recipe for a successful internship program. At Optiweb, we’ve put it together on our own and six Let’s boost internships later, we dare to say it’s more refined than ever before. Take a look on how we take care of our interns so that they feel at home with us – and stay with us in 9 out of 10 cases.

Our Most Popular Articles of 2020

While the corona crisis clearly stole the show in 2020, there was still a lot of interest in exciting and insightful online content on other topics! How do we know that? Because we also created it ourselves! From the hottest digital tips and tricks to glimpses of our day-to-day work (as well as fun after-work moments ;P ), we shared quite a few articles with you last year and we’ve now taken one last look back to tally the most popular ones.

Optiweb Reload: 2020

From COVID-19 and cyberattacks to successfully reaching the finish line and even being joined by some amazing new people along the way – 2020 was such a roller-coaster! In this article, Miha looks back on this extraordinary year and highlights its greatest milestones.

Google Data Studio: When Analytics Finally Makes Sense

Accessing analytics data is not that difficult, but zeroing in on the key data and properly interpreting them is a different story. Meet Google Data Studio, the tool that enables you to do just that and helps you save time in the process! In this article, you will learn how a personalised Google Data Studio report can help you take your online business to the next level.

Why SEO should be an integral part of smart website design?

Our SEO specialists know very well how important it is to integrate search engine optimisation in the website design process itself instead of optimising it later. In this article, you’ll find out why this is so crucial and which problems might occur if you forget about SEO when developing a new site.

Project: Team Buildings with a Special Twist

What’s the secret behind Optiweb’s amazing work culture? Well, one of the reasons definitely lies in our team buildings, which are something truly special. Find out more about events that help our employees strengthen team bonds and thus contribute to better teamwork.