When redesigning a website or online store, the website’s visual appearance is usually at the forefront of every consideration. Alongside it is also the serious consideration as to how the company can present its offer to visitors. But, to ensure long-term success of the new website, an attractive interface and intuitive user experience are not enough. We also need to answer these key questions: What are the goals of the redesign, how will we achieve them and how will we measure, if we were successful?

Let us take a closer look at what it means to set up goals and how to effectively measure the website’s success.

When basic Analytics is (no longer) enough

To get the basic information about the website’s visitors, for example the share of new visitors or traffic sources, the basic functionalities of Google Analytics are sufficient. But, if you wish to have a greater overview of what’s happening, you will quickly realise that the basic Analytics data is not quite enough.