Helena Habjan

Project Manager

My story

Throughout my studies, I was curious about exploring how to turn various theories and strategies into reality. After gaining various work experience, I was most impressed by the IT world as it brings everything together – coming up with a good plan for the website that comes together by harmonised cooperation of the best team. I join the team each day with eager anticipation, knowing that new knowledge and a daily “dose of laughter” await me.

Stay curious and you will succeed.

Fun facts

#1I am interested in so many things that I don't know the meaning of boredom.
#2Whenever I have to solve a puzzle, getting a dose of fresh air always helps.

They asked me …

What do you like most about working in Optiweb?

The cornerstone of every great company are its employees, their skills and personality as well. And at Optiweb, you’ll find many great people who take their work very seriously, but also find the time for having fun as well.

What would you never try?

Bungee jumping. I mean, who does that…and why?? :)

What do you like doing most?

Just hanging out with my family.

What brings you down?

You know that summer feeling, when you take a nice, cold watermelon out of the fridge, eagerly awaiting to enjoy a sweet refreshment. But then you slice it in half and realize it’s only half ripe, probably without any sweet watermelony taste. Well, that feeling…

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