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Best autoresponders

Before we can pack our bags for our well-deserved vacation, we are always left with a bunch of errands – one of them being our autoresponder. You can read more on how to write a humorous and unique autoresponder in our article.

IGTV: Instagram TV – a new feature inside the platform

Instagram recently presented its newest invention: IGTV (Instagram TV), a new feature inside the platform intended for making and viewing longer videos (up to 60 minutes). What does this feature offer us and what can we expect in the future? Find out in our article.

10 tips for increasing organic reach with the new Facebook algorithm

For the last couple of months, everyone’s been talking about the change in Facebook’s algorithm, which especially influences business pages. Wondering what you could do to improve the reach of your posts? In our article, we’ve prepared an infographic with useful advice on how to beat this new Facebook algorithm.

Do you hire an agency, your own team or a “superstar”?

In our line of work, we often come across clients who are faced with the dilemma whether it is better to hire an agency or employ someone who will be in charge of marketing, increasing income, the entire digital advertising and the company’s online presentation. Find out in our blog post.

Magento 2 cron issues

One of the more interesting issues we encountered with Magento 2 production environment is the cron_schedule table growth when one of our production environments was getting slow. There was constant CPU load on the server, mostly used by Mysql queries. Read more about our solution in our article.

Employee probation period

For us at Optiweb, the employee probation period is mostly a great tool for giving the new employees constant feedback: what are their strengths and where we see place for improvement. Find out more about it and its advantages.

One-day experience: a tool for exchanging knowledge

New acquaintances bring new knowledge and solutions. This is why we’ve started with a “One-day experience”: inviting an expert from our field to be a mentor for one day, which always benefits both sides.