Jure Mesarec

Digital Marketing Specialist

My story

I’ve been interested in all things creative since I was little – I was deep in graphic design before even finishing primary school. Upon finishing secondary school, I had such a hard time deciding between the studies of computer science and economics that I eventually chose to combine both subjects. However, I quickly realised that I prefer learning things on my own, left university after my first year and started building websites. I soon progressed to building online shops, which inevitably led me to discover online marketing. When I got the opportunity to join team Optiweb, I didn’t hesitate for one second because I always admired their amazing attitude.

The only controllable pillar of success? Hustle.

Fun facts

#1I love the seaside, the sun and flip flops.
#2There is no hell without the devil just like there is no Maribor without Zlatko Zahovič.

They asked me …

How does it feel to work at Optiweb?

I really look forward to going to work every morning as my team never runs out of positive energy.

How would you describe your perfect Saturday?

Computer, green tea, meditation and work.

What is your mission at Optiweb?

To become one of the best digital marketers in Slovenia.

What are your best personality traits?

Empathy and honesty.

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