Jaša Furlan

Project Manager / Amazon expert

My story

Up until now, I occupied office chairs in purchasing departments and sales, while enthusiastically surfing the web and exploring its depths. In the middle of the 90s, I was an eager user of IRC and then later on MSN and blogs. My curiosity led me to exploring websites and e-commerce shops – I ended up setting a few of them myself, which eventually led me straight through Optiweb’s doors.

If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.

Fun facts

#1I'm a member of the "I love čevapčiči" club. Every month we visit and evaluate the offer of a different "čevapdžinica".
#2I'm the oldest Optiweb member – but apparently only on paper.

They asked me …

What would Arnold Schwarzenegger say if he stepped into Optiweb's offices?

“Get down and stay there!” … after he saw the entire team pointing nerf guns directly at him.

What kind of music do you listen to on a regular Optiweb working day?

TuneIn radio, which is mostly set to the Australian radio Triple J, with the headphone cable running across my keyboard, making sure I’m always slightly irritated.

Which is you favorite website?

Reddit. You can spend hours and hours looking at meaningless gifs or exploring deadly serious topics.

Your favorite drink in Optiweb?

Coffee. Strong, big cup, double. At least twice a day. Random cup.

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