Have you ever seen photos of Amazon’s warehouses? Or at least got the sense of the proportion of its online shop, when it seemed you could scroll and click through their site for days on end? Then it surely won’t come as a surprise that Amazon employs a considerable amount of people for all of its processes. It is even recognized as the second largest private employer in the entire US.

How does Amazon handle such an increasing amount of work and, consequently, an increasing number of employees? Let’s find out.

Employing over half a million people

By the end of 2018, the company employed 650,000 people. Even though this number also includes seasonal workers, who usually step in during the holidays or special days when the number of purchases is significantly higher, the number is still impressive. Especially considering the fact that the company is constantly searching for new employees.

Less than a year ago, Amazon issued an employment notice for more than 14,000 vacancies for office work and 7,000 for software developers. At the same time, they were looking for 2,500 people who would help them promote Amazon’s online services to other companies.

Besides Walmart, Amazon is one of the rarest recruiters in America that employs over half a million people.