1 Intro

At Optiweb, we are always discovering new ways of improving the load speed of our websites and online stores. We give a lot of attention to how quickly the server returns a page to a client (TTFB), but it is also important to improve the load time of the resources (JS files, CSS, images, fonts, etc.) of the clients.

We have written quite a few blog posts with different approaches to improving the page speed of our shops, such as our lazy loading article, a post about Magento2 custom cache types, another one about image compression and our more detailed post about the performance optimization for Magento2 stores.

In this post, we will focus only on the installation and configuration (that works best in our cases) of the Google PageSpeed module on the server with CentOS 7.

2 What is PageSpeed?

PageSpeed is an open-source server-level module for Nginx and Apache, made by Google, that helps optimize your site. The module implements a lot of the performance recommendations that you can see on the Google PageSpeed Insights page.