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Do you have a large e-commerce store, with which you want to reach top positions in search engines? Then discover the power of expert content optimisation.

The Slovenian furniture giant XXXLesnina needs no introduction. With more than 70 years of tradition, 10 physical stores in all larger Slovenian cities and a vast online product selection, it’s well cemented in the buyers’ minds. From 2010 it is also part of the Austrian conglomerate XXXLutz, the second-largest furniture retail group in the world.

Our SEO team took up the reins of Lesnina’s website in March 2021, of course with one clear goal: improve the position for the focus keywords and thus widen the reach of the brand XXXLesnina.

To achieve this, we give the client monthly recommendations to technically improve the website and to better the user experience, but our main goal is to optimise the on- and off-site content.

Steps to Success:

  • Goal oriented keyword list
  • Detailed content strategy for 6 months (we are preparing the 5th one :) )
  • Detailed brief for writing optimised content
  • Support of the sales content with thematically relevant quality content on other domains

Basis for Optimisation

The basis for each successful SEO project is a detailed understanding of the website and its opportunities for improvement. We ensure this with a comprehensive SEO audit in the scope of which we perform a technical review and content analysis, we look at options to improve the user experience and much more. This is how we build a great foundation for achieving the best positions for the selected keywords.

A Slightly Different Keyword List

It was the client that provided us with the basic keyword list that was aligned with the client’s sales goals and divided into three focus categories. Optiweb’s goal was clear: achieve the highest positions for all keywords on the client’s list.

And here is where our keyword analysis started. We added semantically relevant keywords to the existing list because we saw the potential for creating supporting content that would drive traffic to the website.

Basic Equipment: A Content Strategy

The foundations were followed by a plan. Based on the client’s keyword list, we prepared a content strategy for the following six months. During this process, we always kept the end customers in mind and this is why we supported the sales content with thematically connected advisory content (here we used the list of additional supporting keywords).

The client therefore defined the focus product category and we found the best option on how to optimise the sales and supporting content so this category dominates the top of search results.

Support from Other Domains

Even giants need good publicity. We did not limit the client’s vast knowledge base only on their website, but shared it with the wider readership via thematically linked posts on other domains.

Using the Full Potential

Even though our guiding star in the preparation of the content strategy were the client’s sales goals, this in no way meant we limited ourselves to just this strict keyword list. We flexibly adapted the keyword list based on market trends and the new opportunities we discovered.

A great example of this is a chair young children can climb on when helping their parents prepare meals. The product’s original name “kuhinjski učni stolp” did not bring any traffic to the site as it had an extremely low search volume. But our analysis revealed an untapped potential.

We discovered that when users search for this product, they use the search term “pomagalček”, which has an average volume of 1000 searches per month. The client enthusiastically accepted our recommendation and changed the naming, while we are happily looking at the analytics data which shows a growth in traffic to the landing pages for this product type.

Exceptional Client Cooperation

In working with Lesnina, we hit a real jackpot. Lesnina’s team is very eager to hear our recommendations and sees great value in working with a proactive SEO team. Therefore, they are very agile in following our suggestions regarding the website and even their offer. At the same time, they understand the SEO field and can quickly implement all suggested improvements.

With our suggestion, we did not limit ourselves only to the existing sales product list. During our regular keyword research, we discovered a great interest in products the client did not yet include in their offer.

We quickly made them aware of this untapped potential and they immediately ran with our idea and started their own market research based on our suggestions. During our cooperation, they have expanded their assortment with several new successful product categories, which were discovered by our analyses.

A great example is a new product category sofa covers, with which they currently rank in second place. This category alone has generated over 2,000 additional website visits in the last year.

The Results Speak for Themselves

In cooperating with Lesnina, we have discovered a recipe for achieving great results: a determined SEO team and educated staff on the client’s site that know how to best use the delivered data. After more than two years of cooperation and four content strategies, the results are undisputable. We have reached the highest positions on Google for the main focus keywords.

Hereby it’s important that our goal is not just reaching the highest positions, but also maintaining them. The positions for the focus keyword do not fluctuate, this is why the brand XXXLesnina dominates the extremely competitive furniture market.

of the main focus keywords appear in the first tree positions
of all focus keywords appear on the first search results page
increase of visibility among the search results

What Do Those Results Mean for the Client?

By optimisng the website, we targeted the customers that are already eager to buy. The qualitative content then showed them the benefits of Lesnina’s offer and with the help of strategically placed CTA buttons, we guided them to the goal conversion.

The result:

12% increase in organic traffic
22% increase in revenue from organic traffic

What Now?

Our cooperation with Lesnina is far from finished. Riding on the wings of great results, the client has decided to expand our collaboration with more services that will ensure an even better user experience on the website. Additionally, we will prepare the optimized content so it stands up to all upcoming changes to the Google algorithm and user habits.

Because the client believes in our work, we are sure that we will continue impressing them with great achievements in the area of website optimisation.

What does the Lesnina team say?

I am happy to share my extremely positive experience with Optiweb’s SEO team. Their ability to effectively collaborate with multiple stakeholders – in our case both our internal team, content creators and the international technical team of our parent company XXXLutz – has brought outstanding results to Lesnina’s online store.

Optiweb’s experts offered customized solutions that perfectly matched our goals. With their technical knowledge and expertise, they helped to radically improve the structure of our website and the user experience on it. The content creators have produced highly engaging, interesting and readable content that has not only improved our search engine rankings, but has also impressed our customers and increased conversions.

We appreciate Optiweb’s commitment to our success and their ability to create effective, well-coordinated teams, in which regular meetings ensure that we all work together towards a common goal. Right at the beginning of our cooperation, the SEO team showed exceptional understanding of our business and marketing strategies for e-commerce success.

Cooperation with Optiweb brought us better rankings in search engines, a significant increase in organic traffic, and consequently higher income. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their online presence and achieve tremendous organic growth.

Katarina Bučar,

Content Marketing Manager

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