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Online promotion of the new configurator

At Inotherm, the biggest European producer of aluminium entrance doors, innovative products are only part of the story. The company from the Slovenian town of Ribnica also puts a lot of emphasis on the customer experience. In order to get even closer to online buyers, Inotherm has recently launched a new online door configurator.

The new configurator has been created with a clear goal in mind: To increase the number of inquiries by offering a more pleasant and intuitive experience (both for desktop and mobile users).

Besides taking part in developing this configurator, Opiweb’s team was also in charge of its online promotion. Since our digital marketing department combines all key services under one roof, we can effectively support fresh products on their way to online users.

Along with the above-mentioned goal, the way of achieving it has also been very clear: We must spread the word about the new configurator among relevant online users and – using high-quality content – convince them to take the tool for a spin.

A comprehensive online promotion of a new product – an example based on Inotherm’s new configurator

  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising

Our fantastic four: the pillars of online success

To achieve this goal, we had to combine our key digital marketing services, which we can divide into four segments:



Content marketing


When choosing our digital agency a few years ago, Optiweb convinced us by bringing together specialists from all key areas of digital marketing under one roof. Working with such a team makes my job much easier and saves me a lot of time. We tackle challenges a lot faster and, above all, comprehensively, which results in a much higher quality, both in terms of our collaboration and the end results.

Bojan Lavrič

Head of marketing

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We never start without a strategy

To give the new configurator the boost it deserves, we had to determine what kind of audience to target. A perfect mission for our skilled digital strategist.

Under his leadership, we:

Thoroughly analysed the search behaviour of relevant online users to look for additional keywords.

Analysed our past campaigns to define key areas to target with ads.

Made sure every expert on the project was properly briefed to ensure consistent communication across all channels.

We start devising our digital strategy when a new product is still in the development phase. This enables us to carefully monitor its development and adapt our strategy accordingly. And when the product is ready, we can get started with our mission right away.

In SEO we trust

The field of analytics showcases the efficient collaboration between our marketing experts and developers.

Optiweb’s SEO specialists play an important advisory role in the development phase of new products, especially when it comes to UX design. The second part of their mission comes when the new products are ready to hit the web. That’s when they carefully monitor the results to assess the popularity of our solutions among online users.

Their findings are the basis for further improvements and changes to make the products even better.

Our SEO team also guided the development process of Inotherm’s new configurator to make sure the core SEO principles as well as analytics results were taken into account. What is more, our SEO experts additionally optimised the client’s website to help the new tool reach high organic rankings.

The development phase

In the development phase of the new configurator, our SEO specialists analysed the main weaknesses of the client’s existing tool and turned their findings into new features for the upcoming product.

We also put more emphasis on the measurement plan, carefully defining the main goals. This enabled us to start monitoring the results immediately after the launch of the configurator and quickly identify opportunities for further improvement, especially in the field of UX.

Right before and immediately after launch

Before the new configurator could start its online career, we had to pave its way to the digital stars. Our preparations for its launch included:

landing page, which includes all the information about its features and personalisation options;
2. additional optimisation of landing pages from which visitors often access the configurator;
3. supporting the configurator landing page with more high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites;
4. an additional technical SEO check-up to make sure there are no issues preventing the configurator from reaching high organic rankings.

Additionally, our SEO has been supporting the project since the very launch by carefully monitoring analytics results and suggesting further improvements.

With the help of a good analytics setup, we can efficiently track how online users interact with the configurator and quickly determine which improvements are crucial for the client to achieve an even better result.

A team for all creative challenges

From writing copy and preparing visuals for online ads to creating online content and managing social media communities, our versatile creative team can do it all. By combining all crucial content services, we ensure that a client’s branding stays consistent across all channels while efficiently communicating the main advantages of their products or services.

Combining the main guidelines of Inotherm’s digital strategy with our creative ideas, we created our own creative strategy that we implemented with the help of:

  • upgrades to the the configurator-related content (landing pages, blog posts),
  • online ads (Meta, Google),
  • Facebook and Instagram posts,
  • visuals for all online and social media content.

Due to the simple flow of information between all departments, we were able to quickly and efficiently tailor the content according to the analytics results or the current needs of the client, and at the same time, it was much easier to implement creative ideas on the go.

Online ads: escorting the configurator into the world wide web

Inotherm’s newly released online tool was immediately given the starring role in our Meta and Google ads. We spread the word about it on the Slovene, German, Italian and French market.

Along with increasing the budget, our advertising strategy also focussed on:

  • optimised location targeting,
  • narrowing down the target audience on Meta,
  • a tailored bidding strategy for Google Search
  • reducing the number of campaigns and allocating the budget to the most successful ones.

In collaboration with our content team, our advertising experts tried many different creatives in a relatively short time, thus quickly identifying the best approaches for the chosen target audiences.

 More trust leads to a more efficient cooperation

Staying true to our holistic marketing approach, we organised a workshop to give the Inotherm team an insight into our processes. This helped us to strengthen two key components of our collaboration:

1. Mutual trust.

We familiarised the client with all the processes that each of our services includes. In this way, we made sure that the client has a clear overview of how their investments are spent.

2. More efficient communication.

The client can easily understand our work and contribute to it whenever necessary, for example by providing relevant information, materials or ideas. In such cases, the collaboration is much easier as the client understands the process and needs little to no explanation. Sharing knowledge with the client also prevents misunderstandings and issues that can result in wasting time and money.

When efficient digital marketing boosts inquiries

Between August, when the promotional activities started, and December of 2022, the new configurator brought Inotherm tens of thousands of inquiries. Our client thus ended the year with as many as 22% more requests than the year before.

This is a record-breaking increase, which proves the success of our mission. The new configurator has successfully established itself among online users in a short time, while effectively achieving what it was created for: increasing sales across all markets

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