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If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

– Henry Ford

The quote stated above summarizes how powerful teamwork can highly contribute to reaching our goals. Even though Ford probably hasn’t spoken about teamwork when it comes to executing successful digital marketing campaigns, we believe it is highly applicable in this context too.

When the client and agency come together with the purpose to develop extraordinary marketing campaigns and processes, truly incredible things can arise: this is our story, directed by VOYO and Optiweb, partners that have been cooperating since the end of 2021.

Our digital solutions:

  • Strategy and advertising structure proposal
  • Copy for search and display ads
  • Continuous optimization of advertising approaches and processes
  • Monthly reports and Looker Studio visual reporting

Introduction of the client

VOYO is the most popular Slovenian subscription for video-on-demand with more than 100,000 subscribers. Viewers can choose from more than 15,000 hours of the most popular shows, VOYO original series, previews of POP production, dubbed cartoons, exclusive live broadcasts, blockbuster movies and the 5KA online classroom. One of the main advantages of VOYO services is that their subscribers can enjoy the content without ads.

Our story began at the end of 2021, when Pro Plus d.o.o. searched for a strategic partner in advertising, focusing on the Google Ads platform for the VOYO portal.


Within a pilot episode, we set up the ground rules and approaches for the project.

S01E01: Approach

Through Google Advertising Audit, we analyzed the advertising performance of the VOYO portal on the Google Ads platform. We examined the current state of paid traffic, performed a content analysis and checked the current advertising strategy. Based on the findings, we looked for opportunities for improvement and prepared ideas together with advertising budget projection.

Together with the client and based on the analysis, we set goals, prepared campaigns and started advertising. Regular meetings with the client have proved to be a very successful practice, and we used them to revise the results, make suggestions and set the next steps.

S01E02: Campaign preparation

In the second episode of our cooperation, we aimed to optimize our cooperation and work processes. We explored ways to prepare campaigns together. This is the process that proved to work the best:

The client provides us with a campaign brief, based on which we prepare a strategy proposal and advertising/campaign structure. We also prepare ad copies and suggest copy for the banners. Once we confirm both with the client, they prepare video and graphic materials.

So, what did that mean for us? What is actually the most optimal way to do this?

S01E03: 4 steps to successful project

One thing is clear – in order to create a successful story together, we need organization and strict adherence to deadlines on both sides.

1. Thus, VOYO sends us the advertising plan one month in advance so that we can plan the work and team occupancy.

2. Based on this, we suggest what to focus on and what content should be highlighted in addition to the monthly planned campaigns.Mi na podlagi tega predlagamo, na kaj bi se fokusirali in katere vsebine bi bilo še potrebno izpostaviti poleg mesečnih kampanj.

3. Depending on the results, we are constantly adjusting the approach and focus of advertising campaigns: CPA, Retention, Branding. We also proactively responding to market conditions (competition, changes in advertising prices, etc.).

4. And last but not least, we regularly optimize advertising processes and supplement the Google Ads and Meta Ads platforms, the latter being in the Voyo team’s domain.

S01E04: Reporting

Perhaps the least exciting episode, but at the same time the most important, was the consistent and in-depth reporting.

Monitoring the results monthly and constant comparison against the KPIs we set at the beginning, provided us with a constant reflection on our own work.

We believe that self-criticism and constant search for ways to make the next episode (or even the entire season) better is a key to success.


So how did S01 of Optiweb’s advertising for the VOYO platform look like? A deliberate increase in investment in Google Ads advertising is reflected in the growth of clicks and conversions, a greater emphasis on the brand and a significant increase in sales.

The numbers within one year are worth a thousand words:

• 60% lower cost of acquiring new subscribers (CPA)
• 150% more new subscribers (Conversions)
• 40% lower average cost per click (CPC)

lower CPA
more subscribers
lower Avg CPC

Client’s thoughts

Our cooperation with Optiweb is based on really good foundations. Everything from mindset, agility, to communication and trust. Taking all this into account, we can say that we really work as a team and achieve good results.

Tjaša Potočnik

Digital Marketing Specialist

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