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New corporate website

Dinos is the biggest Slovenian company for collecting and recycling waste. A 75-year tradition of operation, 18 locations, more than 70 trucks and over 4,000 containers are just some of the impressive numbers that speak for the success of the company.

Just like Dinos makes sure that the waste we generate is given a new life, Optiweb has revitalised the company’s website.

Website development

  • Analysis of the client’s requirements and the key elements of the website
  • SEO
  • UX design
  • Website development
  • Photo and video production
  • Copywriting
faster loading
of all inquiries are made online
more returning visitors

Before /After

The old website on the left / The new website on the right

The main goal of the project

The main goal of the project was to create a new corporate website that will properly present Dinos to all target groups of the company.

The reason behind this is the fact that Dinos is active in both the B2B and B2C sectors. On the one hand, the company receives waste generated by households and the business sector, and on the other, it turns this waste into new products, which it then sells to other companies.


In the planning phase, we thoroughly analysed the client’s requirements and identified key elements that the new site shouldn’t be missing.

Key guidelines for setting up the new website

Efficiently communicating the company’s mission

Dinos is present at every stage of the recycling process. The core mission of the company is to protect the environment through recycling. For this reason, we made sure that the new site clearly presents all services of the company as well as all the materials that Dinos handles.

Each service has been given a new landing page that highlights Dinos’ main advantages. This way, we ensured the most efficient flow of information between the client and their online visitors.

Taking care of SEO

Even the most technically advanced and visually appealing website is no asset for the owner if it’s not discovered by online users. In order to make it discoverable, we made sure it meets all the criteria for high organic rankings. At Optiweb, we started gathering experience with SEO (and even put it on our name) when it was still relatively unknown in the digital world. That’s why we’ve known it long enough to also know what makes a site rank well.

To each of Dinos’ 18 subpages presenting the company’s locations, we’ve added the information on working hours, contact numbers and relevant materials, which is an excellent basis for local SEO.

Creating contact forms

By implementing an inquiry form, we’ve solved one of Dinos’ major business issues, namely that all calls and emails were received by the company’s central office, which made it impossible to quickly process all the inquiries.

With the help of the new site, receiving inquiries is much more efficient. Each enquiry is sent to one of 18 locations, which also makes for a much better and personalised user experience.

Combining online design trends with a specific corporate identity

When designing a new site, we took into account Dinos’ existing corporate identity, including the use of blue as the primary colour.

With the help of an extensive image library, we were able to visually support the online content about Dinos’ offer and services while also creating templates for social media posts and online ads.

The inclusion of materials with the mascot “Blue Dino” brought the website closer to the youngest of its visitors.

Improving the user experience and effectively presenting the company’s offer are our main goals when developing new websitesu.


• 34% faster loading. The average loading time has decreased from 1.88 seconds to 1.23 seconds.
• 18,4% more returning visitors.
The number of returning visitors has increased due to a content-rich and useful website.
• 50% of all inquiries are made online.
Since the launch of the new site in June of 2022, the number of inquiries that Dinos’ team receives through the online form has been steadily increasing. Currently, these make up about 50% of all inquiries.
•  A 9,1% conversion rate for the keyword “uničevanje zaupnih dokumentov” (Slovene for “destroying classified documents”).
This is more than twice the industry average.

But words of praise still mean a lot ;)

Today’s world is all about digitalisation, which is why it was more than necessary for our company to also jump on the digital bandwagon. Optiweb first took the role of an experienced teacher, expertly advising us how to strengthen our online presence, and later became an excellent partner who can identify our needs. The Optiweb team listened to our wishes regarding the technical execution, design and creative ideas while also adapting to the market situation. After our new site had gone live, we could immediately see its positive impact. Business communication, visibility and connections with our business partners are just some of the areas in which we’ve definitely made a step forward. Meanwhile, Optiweb is always by our side and has become part of our daily business.

Katarina Ambrožič Mirtič

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