Don't waste your money on people who are not your prospects. Show your ads to the right people. At the right time. 

Google Adwords Advertising

Google Adwords Advertising

Every second 23,000 people use Google to search for information. It's true that many of them look for tips on how to get a girlfriend, how to tie a tie or how to solve others of life's big mysteries, but some of those people are also looking for your products or services. And by using Google AdWords, we make sure your products get visibility.

Google AdWords advertising is composed of two networks.

Search network

If you show your ads in the Search network, you don't have to worry about being too intrusive or irrelevant. Google only shows your ads to those people who are actively searching for products or services similar to yours.

How does this work?

Together we select relevant keywords and prepare the text ads accordingly. When your potential customers search for one of your selected keywords, your ad will be shown to them above the organic search results or on their right-hand side. Because your ads contain information that people are looking for at that very moment, they are very relevant and more interesting to them.

Your ad is seen by the people who are looking for your products
Build company awareness and recognition

Display network

Display network also gives you a chance to display your banners or even video ads. Those ads can be placed on specific pages. It's also possible to select only preferred website topics, and Google AdWords will show your ads on appropriate websites.

When should I use these ads?

Display advertising is very effective when your product category isn't very well known and thus not many people are looking for your relevant keywords. Display advertising gives you a chance to build awareness and also your brand recognition. A better way of measuring the results of that kind of advertising is not CTR but whether the organic search visits or direct visits went up.

For you, the best thing about Google ads is that you only pay for the clicks. The best thing for us is that Google AdWords and Google Analytics give us detailed statistics. That allows us to see which keywords are not performing well and which keywords and ads should get a rock star treatment.

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