Everybody's on Facebook. 
What about your company? 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

“If you're not on Facebook, you don't exist," is definitely true for most companies. We don't want you to be a nobody in the world of social media, so we can put you on the map in many different ways.

Facebook offers many interesting ways of communication.

Efficient promotion of Facebook page or website

Facebook ads

We can prepare effective Facebook ads that will convince people to click on your ad, visit and like your Facebook page. You actually want more traffic to your website? No problem. We'll direct your ads there.

What do we pay attention to when preparing your ads?

We prepare ads with different headlines, body copy or different images. Those A/B tests allow us to find the ads that are most efficient when it comes to completing the desired action (growing fan likes, increasing the number of leads...). We use behavioral, age and gender targeting to make sure your ads are shown to your prospects.

Preparing Facebook posts for your Page

Preparing your own Facebook posts is exciting and fun - first month. Afterwards, you slowly run out of ideas for engaging posts. We can help you out by developing your Facebook strategy and put together your Facebook content schedule. This structured approach makes sure you're never left without ideas what to post. If you want gain extra exposure for some of your posts, we can give them an additional boost by making sure they are seen by the right people.

What is a secret ingredient of a successful post?

Testing what works for you. In order to find the types of posts for your page, we try out images, links, videos and text updates. We make sure your posts show your products, but we also include other unbranded posts that might interest your Facebook audience. We try posting at different times to find the one that suits your audience best.

Interesting posts retain the attention of your audience

Not only Facebook can be an important source of your website traffic, it can be an effective channel for promotion too. It also enables you to speak to your customers directly. But if you want to harness all the benefits of Facebook, it might take up more time than you initially expected. Let us help you with that.

Ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work?