Effective online store that is easy to get around. For you and your customers.

eCommerce website development

eCommerce website development

Launching your very own online shop might seem as complicated and complex as supersymmetric quantum mechanics.


You need to take care of so many things; from domain registration and hosting to thinking about efficient design and different means of payment.


But quantum mechanics of ecommerce websites becomes considerably more manageable if you tackle them step by step and with an experienced team that leads you through the whole process.

Step by step to you getting your web shop.

Analysis, planning, and hosting

Before we roll up our sleeves and start working on your online shop, we analyze your competition, prepare a list of suggested keywords and advise you on the best structure of your ecommerce website. We can also provide you with hosting and domain registration.

What do we focus on?

Because we want to give you the best possible online shop, we make sure we know your digital ecosystem well. That enables us to set up a plan tailored to your wishes and available budget. We can also give your data and files a safe online shelter.

Good plan makes all the following steps easier
Good design brings you attention


Then we open Photoshop and start working on your web store design. It needs to clearly depict your market positioning and enable your website visitors to quickly find products and all desired information. It also needs to be clear that paying in your web shop is safe and easy.


No worries if you don't have your corporate identity yet!

If you're just starting with your business, we can also design your corporate identity and take care of other visual elements that you need for successful start (logo, business cards, email signatures, catalogues...) That way, all your visual communication will be unified.

Development and maintenance

When you approve the design, we start developing your online shop on Magento platform. Magento allows you to easily import and manage your products, orders, and shipping. But we don't leave you when your online shop is launched. We perform regular maintenance to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

How does development take place?

With accurate development, we make sure that your online shop works quickly and smoothly. We also connect it to social media and adjust it for various sizes of the screen. We test it thoroughly to make sure all links lead to the right pages, all the forms are displayed correctly, there are no typos in the text and there aren't any kinds of problems with payments.

Precise development ensures optimal performance
For best results, use a combination of different channels


The growth of your online shop also depends on how easy it is for your potential customers to find you. Therefore, we optimize your online shop for search engines. We can additionally boost the number of visitors with Google and Facebook ads. When people get to your website, we can welcome them with interesting web video that presents your company and your products in an interesting and efficient way.

How to ensure steady growth?

We perform on-page and off-page optimization. Because of it your online shop will get to the first page of Google search results faster. We can also use Google AdWords text ads to get additional exposure in the search engine or show your banners to build awareness or brand recognition. Another important channel to consider is also Facebook. We can give you a hand with preparing interesting posts, developing engaging Facebook applications or preparing effective advertising.

What is a price of an eCommerce website?

The cost of developing an online store depends on many different things. So this question is as general as the question "What is the price of a car?".

What affects the price of the online store?

The main elements are the number of items you are planning to sell; whether you want your products to be imported and exported automatically; what are your available means of payment; on how many different domains is your eCommerce housed. We're happy to prepare a quotation for you. Send us an inquiry by filling out our online form, and we'll get back to you in one day.

The price of online shop is based on many things

Getting effective online shop doesn't have to be difficult. If you tackle it step by step. And with the right team.

Ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work?