Maja Kermelj

Creative Content Specialist

My story

Ever since I was 7 years old and handed in my school paper on seven pages instead of one, we all knew I had a knack for words. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I’ve constantly had my nose in a book – or maybe it was just something I was born with. In any case, letters are written in my DNA. I’m the person you turn to if you need to neatly pack a hands-free lawnmower or if you wish to present to the world your unique manicure for dogs. I don’t show my bravery by swinging a sword but with a proper use of commas, dots, and those scary semicolons.

Life happens. Coffee helps.

Fun facts

#1I am yet to acquire the ancient art of whistling.
#2If not the queen, I'm definitely the princess of karaoke.

They asked me …

Your favorite book?

Difficult choice. The Harry Potter collection, which has occupied the first position for years, is lately threatened by the Dictionary of Slovenian Phrases.

What are your experiences so far?

I belong to the rare few who actually loved going to school. Therefore, I can brag with 5 titles – none of them being a creative writer. Should you be worried? Not in the least.

How did your road lead you to Optiweb?

After 4 years of using my creativity under the pseudonym Lična gospodična (and no, this is not self-promotion), I heard that Optiweb was looking for a new creative writer. All of my doubts simply washed away after reading about the unlimited amounts of coffee. And here I am – playing with words, learning something new every day and enjoying every second of my job in good company.

What is you favorite pastime?

Whenever I’m not researching the infinite depths of cooking recipes on Pinterest or reading a good book, I’m always up for a match (or two) of Hearthstone.

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