PIM, an abbreviation that stands for Product Information Management, is a software designed to collect data, pictures and videos of products from different sources and offer strong tools for enriching product information and distributing it to multiple channels. With such a solution, you can therefore save tons of time and bring the user experience in your online shop to a higher level.

Imagine that you need to properly prepare, edit or enrich a big set of product data, be it for your next product catalog, the latest promotional flyers or the new digital marketing campaign for your online shop. In an ideal world, all your products would be accompanied by catchy descriptions and beautiful photos, the product categorisation would be a dream and all the product attributes would be neatly organised in sets based on product categories or specific features.

However, this is the best case scenario. In reality, your product data is spread across several Excel sheets coming from various departments and having several owners, each with their own version of the file. The photos and descriptions are often missing as many a supplier only provides SKU data and pricing lists … Yes, this is the real scenario. But there’s no need to despair. Product Information Management or PIM is here to help you solve such issues and neatly organise your chaotic product information.